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Become a master masher – join Crisp seminar at 15.00 today

Become a mash master! Tune into Crisp’s webinar Thursday 2nd April, 3pm (GMT).

Good beers start with great mashes. Understand the variables, and you can shape the final flavour, colour, body and texture with precision and accuracy.

“There’s a lot of science and skill behind achieving a great mash.” says Crisp craft brewing and distilling sales manager, Colin Johnston. “Crucial mash elements to consider are sparge and mash temperatures, enzymes, crushed malt grist fractions, liquor to grist ratio, and alkalinity and pH.”

“And to make it even more complex, throw a different type of malt into the mix and it can completely change the way the elements react. It certainly isn’t a one size fits all approach. Therefore it’s hugely important to understand the different malt characteristics and the impact they can have on the mash.”

And that’s exactly what the technical experts at Crisp are going to outline today, Thursday, at 3pm. Brewing expert, Carl Heron will be hosting a webinar on mashing, with specific attention to the decisions that need to be made depending on malt types being used.

“So make sure to tune in to our webinar Thursday 2nd April at 3pm (GMT) to find out more on how a great mash can achieve a great beer.”

Sign-up here: https://zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_-Ai27XCqTZiyDvybiSVE5g