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BBPA Annual Barrelage Survey 2013

The BBPA has published Annual Barrelage Survey results for 2013.

The Survey showed the total beer market down 0.1 per cent on 2012, with a 3.4% decline in on trade sales and a 3.5% increase in off trade sales. Over the full year on trade sales accounted for 50.8 per cent of the total market, with off trade sales making up the remaining 49.2 per cent. It remains to be seen whether 2014 will see off trade sales overtaking on trade sales.

Sales of lighter beers (beers between 1.2% and 2.8% ABV) continued to grow in 2013. Lower strength beer duty, introduced in 2011 and offering a 50% duty reduction for beers of 2.8% ABV or below, as well as growing consumer demand for a lower strength alternative, are likely to have contributed to this strong performance.

Cask ale sales were up, achieving their highest market share since 2002. Another standout performer was premium bottled ale, which continued its long trend of growing sales.

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