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Bath Ales launches Prophecy as a permanent

Bath Ales has unveiled a new permanent beer. Initially launched as a limited-edition ale in Bath Ales’ pubs, Prophecy (3.8% ABV) is now readily available across the trade.

Dubbed a ‘new World pale ale’, Prophecy’s flavour profile and ABV complements Bath Ales’ much-loved line-up. The new draught beer from the regional brewery boasts a crisp light colour and a keen bitter finish. Prophecy is brewed using Columbus and Chinook hops which gives it a fruity yet pine-like aroma and flavour.

Darren James, senior brewer, Bath Ales, said: “Prophecy is a dry, yet complex pale ale that will really challenge the taste buds. The new permanent beer has a low ABV which sets it in good stead as a session beer. Prophecy presents well on the bar, both in terms of colour and aroma, and has a hoppy, bitter finish which we’re confident will fulfil drinkers’ expectations.”

In addition to Prophecy being added to Bath Ales’ core permanent range, new enhanced pump-clip livery will also be unveiled for its fellow brands next month. The iconic, recognisable hare, which proudly features on all of Bath Ales’ beers including Gem, is being made even more prominent on the new-look clips.