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Arkell’s brews Loaf of Beer

Wiltshire family brewery Arkell’s Brewery has teamed up with Stroud family baker, Hall’s Bakery to brew a special bread beer, Loaf of Beer.

The ingredients which go into making bread and beer are very similar so Arkell’s head brewer Alex Arkell decided to see what would happen if he combined beer and bread to make a brand-new brew.

“Hall’s Bakery provided us with some of their delicious fresh bread which we chopped up and added to our mash tun alongside a healthy dose of malted barley and some oats for added flavour,” explains Alex.

At 3.8% ABV the resulting ‘Loaf of Beer’ has a distinct, bready sweetness – warm, fresh and perfect for early summer drinking.

“It’s wonderful to be able to work with another family business, especially one that’s relatively close,” adds Alex. “Hall’s Bakery has been baking bread for over 100 years. We’ve been brewing beer for 170 years. Both families understand the passion and precision that goes into making two of the most satisfying things ever to pass the lips.

Tim Hall of Hall’s Bakery said: “Our Fifth Generation Family Run Bakery prides itself on Quality , Passion and an Understanding of the needs of all our customers and are proud to work alongside The Arkells Brewery in helping with this wonderful new Beer.”