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Ale Pythons

When pubs apply for the Cask Marque Award we test unannounced the temperature, appearance, aroma and taste of each cask beer on sale. Brewers recommend 11-13°C and we allow a tolerance of 1°C each side in order to be able to score full marks. 90% of the pubs which fail our assessment do so on temperature, and this is often despite having dedicated equipment already installed in the cellar in the form of Ale Pythons.

These series of documents below are designed to help pubs look after the equipment they already have in the cellar. If things get complicated we always recommend contacting technical service, but many problems can be resolved without this cost by doing some simple maintenance as set out in the main Ale Python Charter. There are also some accompanying documents which look at specific models and makes of ale pythons. The principles remain pretty similar across most models but please email [email protected] if you have a model which we have not covered and perhaps we could get a document created.