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Drinkers views on craft beer to be unveiled at SIBA’s BeerX

The results of a major research project looking at consumer drinking habits, in particular the growth in popularity of independently brewed craft beer, is due to be unveiled at the Society of Independent Brewers (SIBA) flagship event, BeerX, in two weeks time.

The research was undertaken by specialist independent research company M&C Allegra and will be presented at the UK’s biggest brewing industry event on Thursday the 17th March, by Executive Director of M&C Allegra Simon Stenning.

“SIBA have invested in this extensive insight project in order to help our members and the rest of the industry fully understand the fundamental shifts that are happening in drinking habits across the UK. We expect to see clear signs of drinkers expanding the range of beers they enjoy, showing a real thirst for interesting, quality-brewed, independent craft beer”  said SIBA’s Mike Benner.

The brief for the research project was ‘To provide original insight into consumer and licensee knowledge of and interest in British and locally brewed beer, and to identify how independent brewers can leverage their position in the industry with licensees and to better educate and inform consumers.’

SIBA say that the research, conducted on 900 beer drinkers and 100 non-beer drinkers, was ultimately designed to provide solid facts and figures showing where the industry is headed – something which SIBA feel has been lacking in the conversation about the growth of beer.

“It is clear that brewery numbers are increasing and that more beer styles are being brewed, but is this being driven by consumer needs? This insight project is designed to show what consumers are looking for from beer in 2016 and where the industry should be headed. Pub numbers continue to fall, is this because of a dynamic shift in what consumers are looking for when they purchase beer?  The research we will be unveiling at BeerX aims to answer this and many questions that face this thriving, but fundamentally shifting industry.”

As well as the M&C Allegra research being unveiled and dissected by Simon Stenning, SIBA themselves will be presenting the results of the British Beer Report on Industry Day too. The report, which is compiled by surveying SIBA’s 840 brewing members, aims to present the other side of the same coin – showing where the brewing industry is right now and most importantly where it is headed.

“As SIBA’s membership continues to grow the British Beer Report, which received an even higher response rate this year than previous, becomes an ever more accurate representation of the independent craft brewing industry. In our presentation at BeerX we will be announcing the growth projections for the next year and how the industry is adapting to an ever-changing market. Combined with the insight project, the research contained in this report will help SIBA and its members deliver the future of British beer” concluded Mr Benner, SIBA’s Managing Director.