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Special limited edition beers brewed for the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee weekend

Pubs and bars all the way from Cornwall to Cromarty and from Anglesey to East Anglia are getting involved in a charity campaign, as part of celebrations to mark the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee.


After tough times for the hospitality industry, and in every UK neighbourhood, they’re seizing the chance to help the whole country come together this summer: to raise a glass to the Queen, toast their community, and raise money for good causes too. Opening hours have been extended for the 2nd to 5th June, and managers of every licensed premises in the UK are being encouraged to host a special Big Jubilee Lunch, or a Thank You Day party – and to serve limited edition Thank You beers.


These limited edition ales are being crafted by a host of leading brewers and beer brands – all to a recipe devised by Adnams Production Director Fergus Fitzpatrick. 100% of profits from Thank Brew sales will be donated to three good causes:

The /together coalition, on a mission to build kinder, closer and more connected UK communities by bringing people together and bridging divides, and organisers of Thank You Day

eden project communities, whose vision is a world full of happier and healthier UK communities where people know one another and neighbourhoods thrive, and organisers of The Big Lunch

Reset Communities and Refugees: supporting Ukranian refugees arriving in the UK to live with families in communities across Britain.


Fergus’s recipe calls for a delicious, easy-drinking 3.5% ABV pale ale, using a classic British ale yeast. He’ll also be teaming up with Big Drop to oversee the creation of a unique 0.5% version, brewed exclusively by the alcohol-free specialist. Breweries from across Britain are signing up to brew the 3.5% Thank Brew with Adnams directly supporting our efforts to enlist breweries and brewers and, like all participating breweries, serving Thank Brew at their managed pubs.


Fergus Fitzgerald and The Good Beer Co previously created the Great Get Together Pale Ale for the Jo Cox Foundation and their Great Get Together UK events. He’s excited to be helping to build another beer industry collaboration for a good cause, saying: “We want as many breweries as possible to get involved in Thank Brew, that’s why we haven’t made it too prescriptive with the recipe and approach. The three main requirements are it should be 3.5% abv, it should be a Pale Ale and it should be delicious and easy drinking. Outside of that we encourage breweries to put their own stamp on it. And it can be cask, keg, bottle or can.”


“Adnams will be proud to serve Thank Brew in our managed pubs on the Jubilee Weekend and I look forward to raising a glass of Thank Brew at my local to mark the occasion,” he added.


Regarding the non-alcohol Thank Brew, specialist brewer Big Drop said: “As epic as it sounds, a four-day weekend is going to require a degree of stamina and, for a lot of people, that means moderation. So what better way to toast the Queen and go big for the entire Jubilee than with an alcohol-free beer specially brewed for that very purpose?”


  • All profits support community-focussed organisations in the UK
  • Every UK pub, bar, licensed premises and brewery invited to take part – with their own big thank you to Her Majesty the Queen and local communities
  • An industry-wide collaboration, led by The Good Beer Co., Adnams and Big Drop in support of The Big Jubilee Lunch and Thank You Day during the Jubilee Weekend
  • Participating brewers from all over the UK led by Adnams
  • Alcohol-free specialist Big Drop to brew a 0.5 percent Thank Brew
  • Backed by the British Beer and Pub Association, UK Hospitality, Society of Independent Brewers, British Institute of Innkeepers, the Campaign for Real Ale and others