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Counting down to #Cask Ale Week

We’re counting down the days until the start of Cask Ale Week and hope that pub goers, brewers and licensees around the UK can get involved to celebrate our national drink.


Formed in the early noughties by Cask Marque, Cask Ale Week is supported by the major trade organisations, brewers and pub groups as well as CAMRA.


This year we are delighted to be working with the support of the trade associations including The British Beer and Pub Association (BBPA), UKHospitality (UKH) and The British Institute of Innkeeping (Bii) to engage their respective memberships across the week. CAMRA have also committed to a consumer marketing campaign for cask this month.


Cask Ale Week engages and supports breweries, pubcos and pubs to organise events that encourage customers to discover – and fall in love with – real ale. Cask Marque will be leading the campaign with a Beer of the Day and Brewery of the Day feature on the Cask Ale Week social media channels alongside a list and map of events happening across the UK on our Cask Ale Week website and available through our CaskFinder app


Users of the CaskFinder app will also be offered exclusive incentives during Cask Ale Week to use the app, visit new pubs and scan new beers. 


Other events across the UK will include beer festivals, tutored tastings, brewery tours and special promotions all relating to cask beer. You can find details of many of these events here.


If you’re a brewery, pubco or pub you can download resources on the Cask Ale Week website, and we can also help you by promoting your events; please use the #CaskAleWeek hashtag.


Paul Nunny, Director of Cask Marque, says: “Cask Ale Week is important for both cask beer and pubs. After all, the last stage of the fermentation process of real ale happens in the pub! We want to celebrate the pub as central to the community. It’s now more important than ever to support hospitality and to encourage human connection. We believe that the pub plays an important role in this, and Cask Ale Week not only introduces new drinkers to the fantastic tradition of cask beer, but encourages them to visit and support local breweries, pubcos and pubs in their locality.


Last year was our most successful event to date with over 32 million people reached using #CaskAleWeek across multiple social media platforms. More than 150 different breweries and pub groups got involved, either running activities, promotions or sharing information on their social media.


We look forward to bringing an even more successful Cask Ale Week to customers in 2022, reaching more drinkers and spreading the word about fresh cask beer.”


Cask Ale Week 2022 festivities will kick off with a seminar entitled ‘The Future of Cask’, which will be held at the refurbished Brewer’s Hall in London on 22 September 2022.