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Black Sheep launches exciting new campaign

Black Sheep Brewery has launched a new campaign to mark their 30th birthday. The campaign is called “Drink Cask Beer” and it urges publican, brewers, thinkers and drinkers to get behind the category after a time of intense difficulty for cask beer. 


The brewery outlines the reasons for this new campaign below, so take a read, watch the video and drink cask beer!


Cask beer runs through our veins here at Black Sheep. We love it. Back in 1992 when our founder, Paul Theakston took that famous leap into the unknown by starting his own brewery in Masham, the lure of brewing independent, quality cask beer was a huge motivator.


In today’s fast-paced, innovative world, it’s easy to forget what makes cask beer so utterly amazing. But in recent years, the growth of other drinks categories and excitement around spirits, sodas and seltzers has put a strain on the cask beer category, tempting drinkers away from this amazing form of beer with the promise of new, vibrant and expressive flavour experiences.


The result has seen the cask beer category go through a sustained period of decline over the course of the last decade, a trend that has been further exacerbated by the pandemic as pubs have been forced to close or heavily reduce their cask ranges. It’s saddening to see this true British institution lose relevance given the benefits and attributes it offers drinkers of all backgrounds.


For example, did you know that cask beer is more often than not, the freshest drink on the bar? Did you know that it’s actually a live product? Did you know it’s one of the most sustainable forms of beer? These are just a few of the benefits of cask beer that make it so special and something that we should be aiming to protect.


So, it’s time to take a stance. It’s time to do something about it. It’s time to DRINK CASK BEER.


Thirty years on from that first empty cask being filled with Black Sheep Best Bitter, we’re unleashing a new campaign to get more people talking about cask beer, more people drinking it and more people sharing their cask experiences.


Full disclosure, this isn’t us standing up and saying ‘drink Black Sheep cask’. We’re at a point in the lifecycle of cask beer where unity, togetherness and collaboration are what’s going to propel the category back into growth. This campaign is being launched to encourage you to seek out those breweries who are creating incredible cask beers, search out the pubs who serve it best and talk about it. It’s not just about Black Sheep.


It’ll take time, but we’ll be putting the spotlight on cask beer throughout 2022 and beyond. It will be at the heart of all we talk about, focussed on engaging, educating and repositioning the category. We want to work with other breweries, industry bodies, publicans, drinkers and commentators to spread the message and TALK about CASK BEER.


Our hope is that we can make cask beer more accessible and inclusive, changing the perception that it’s old fashioned and demonstrating that there’s a pint of cask for everyone whatever their background, identity or age (so long as it’s above 18!). It’s about education too, as fundamentally, there’s a lot of people out there who don’t fully understand what cask is and we need to help them on their journey of discovery.


So join us. Help us to spread the message of cask beer. Create the cask beer revolution.


But first and foremost…

DRINK CASK BEER, it’ll change your life.