Cask Marque Chronicle: Educating Your Consumers

by Annabel Smith

As part of Cask Marque’s continued support for the cask ale industry, we have put together a series of guidelines on all aspects in the buying, storing and selling of cask ale to ensure it reaches customers in the perfect condition.

These can be used as a guide for licensees and staff alike – hopefully as a useful reminder or as a training guide.

This week’s newsletter focuses on how to educate beer drinkers on cask ale:

Cask Marque Chronicle: How Do Your Customers Taste Beer?

by Annabel Smith

I’ve been interested for a long time about our sense of taste, and why some people love beer, and why some people say they really don’t like it. So I was lucky enough to spend some time with a flavour psychologist who had worked all over the world with drinks and food companies getting the flavour profile of their product to match the kind of consumers they wanted to attract.