Cellar Audit

Great beer does not serve itself. This seems pretty obvious but it is amazing how many licensees believe it does.

When you buy food products at home, you would always store them in the correct place, make sure your kitchen is clean and free of pests, check their best before date, check the product before you served it to your guests and so on, but it is amazing the number of pubs we visit where basic cellar management and hygiene practices are not adhered to.

The cellar is the ‘boiler room’ of the pub. If you get your cellar management right then the chances are you will not only serve your beers in the best condition possible but also by identifying any equipment problems before they break down you will possibly be able to cut down on the number of technical service call outs you get.

So not only will you probably sell more beer, but you will also save money.


  • "Useful tips passed down from more experienced people"

    Bobby Van Tonder, Yates’, Woking

  • "Educational without being boring & Patronising"

    Stuart Cunningham, Yates Newcastle