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Ale Enthusiasts bound together by Cask Marque Ale Trail

A group of ale enthusiasts brought together by Cask Marque’s ‘Ale Trail’ have forged a firm friendship after becoming Ale Ambassadors for the brand.

Drinkers are awarded ‘Ale Ambassador’ status by Cask Marque when they scan 500 or more Cask Marque certificates, using the Caskfinder app. Caskfinder users are encouraged to seek out the certificate in Cask Marque accredited pubs...

Cask Report 2018-19

Download the Cask Report 2018-19 and read about the action plan to tackle cask's decline in sales.

One of the key points in the report is TEMPERATURE

Research found that 85% of licensees interviewed say they take pride in cask ale and getting it right.

Yet 69% of pubs are serving cask ale at over 13 degrees centigrade during the...

Fit to Fill Glassware

The quality of beer may be perfect in the cellar, but the glass it goes into can severely compromise that quality.

Cask Marque research has shown that 37% of pubs had glasses behind the bar which weren’t ‘fit to fill’ resulting in fobbing, flat, and poorly presented beer – all affecting yields.

Cask Marque’s Top Ten Tips to...

Hogs Back Hop Party

Hogs Back Brewery celebrated its fourth annual hop harvest with a party for more than 1000 residents, families, friends and members of the Tongham TEA Club. Despite rainfall on the day, spirits were high among the guests enjoying live music, a Kids Zone, street food, and of course plenty of Hogs Back beers -  including Green TEA, made with freshly...

What’s Behind The Plaque?

Below is an introduction to Cask Marque that was written for Ale Cry - CAMRA's Central Lancashire Branch free magazine.

The Cask Marque plaque adorns pubs up and down the country and is a sign of great beer in each one. Have you ever wondered what a pub has to do to earn their accreditation and respected plaque? And indeed, who...

Quality Report

Ask any licensee what the benefit of doing regular staff training is and you’ll get a range of answers: guest satisfaction, a motivated team, staff retention, and better brand quality. But staff training is not just about the feel good factor. Investing in training has a massive commercial impact, by reducing wastage, improving yield and increasing sales.

This has clearly...

How To Match Beer and Food

It would be wrong to say beer is better with food than wine, or wine is better than beer. They just do completely different things: the carbonation in beer can act as a palate cleanser, spritzy hoppy beers can cool the heat of fiery chillies, and malty beers complement most cheeses and roast meats.  No other drink has as much...

Robinsons Launch ‘Best In Glass’ Scheme in Relentless Quest For Beer Quality

T he 180-year-old Stockport-based family brewers, ROBINSONS, have launched a new quality assurance scheme – ‘Best in Glass’ – in a quest to improve beer quality across their 260-strong tenanted and managed pub estate.
For the first time this new initiative will seamlessly knit together Robinsons annual beer quality audit, Cask Marque audits, training records and Vianet data...

Time For A Beer Spring Clean?

Most successful businesses give themselves a health check at least once a year to make sure they are maximising profits, reducing wastage, motivating staff and generally running their company with efficiency. Pubs, clubs, hotels and restaurants are no different – a general review of practices and premises is a good way to unravel any bad practices or behaviours. So the...

Beer lover’s paradise to hit London next week

A 'beer lover's paradise' will arrive in London next week, bringing together a thousand different beers from across the UK and abroad for the Great British Beer Festival.

Taking place from 7-11 August at Olympia London, the festival will have 30 different bars with more beer choice than ever before, including its very first alcohol-free beer range, alongside vegan-friendly...

Something for the Weekend – Oakham Citra

Way, way before all these achingly fashionable, super hip craft brewers came along, a little brewery in Peterborough (I know, Peterborough!) was beavering away experimenting with new flavours and hop profiles.

Oakham was founded in 1993 and led the way in sourcing exceptional, and unusual, ingredients from around the world. Their foray into pale gold ales started with the legendary...

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