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Online Course

About our Cellar Management Online Course


Our online training courses allow staff to learn without having to take precious time away from their place of work.

The Introduction to Cellar Management e-learning course ensures premises are competent with best practice in the cellar, and how to maintain high standards to deliver best quality draught products. The course serves as an ideal pre-learning module to the one day Award in Beer and Cellar Quality qualification.

This course is a great opportunity for you and your staff to learn more about the equipment you are using and will help improve yields, increase sales and minimise waste.

We recommend this course as pre-learning before attending the full day Award in Beer and Cellar Quality course.

This eLearning course is available from the CPL website for £20+VAT per user.

Go to the Cask Marque Cellar Management page to register and purchase online (not compatible on iPad).

Alternatively, call 0151 647 1057 for more information.

Course Content


The course is designed for operators and their staff, ensuring that the cellar is maintained no matter whose shift it is. The training covers how to look after cask and keg beer from cellar to glass. Staff will learn:


  • The difference between cask and keg beer
  • The importance of cellar hygiene and temperature
  • Stock control and accepting deliveries
  • How to condition cask ale
  • How to change kegs
  • What checks are required before beer goes on sale
  • What cooling equipment is and how to maintain it

What Our Members Say

“Cask Marque has a nationwide network of experienced trainers who have worked in the brewing industry for many years. This experience allows us to provide comprehensive training programmes which cover off all aspects of cellar management in a clear, simple and effective manner”
Darran Britton

Marketing Director, Carlsberg UK

“Cask Marque has exceptionally high standards and a first class track record in providing quality training for the industry”
Steve Magnall

Managing Director, St Peter's Brewery