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Join the World’s Biggest Ale Trail and visit some of the best pubs in Britain. You have over 9,100 to choose from and they have all won the Cask Marque Award for the quality of their cask beer.

CaskFinder is designed to help you enjoy and appreciate Cask Ale wherever you may be in the UK! Combining data from The Cask Marque Trust’s pub quality inspection scheme and The Cyclops® Beer standardisation initiative, both industry sponsored bodies, CaskFinder uses the location-awareness of your phone to show you nearby pubs, brewers and events.

Scan the Cask Marque certificates in Cask Marque pubs to win prizes!
Scan 25 barcodes and receive a Cask Marque fridge magnet bottle opener and 50 barcodes for a Cask Marque t-shirt. If you scan 100 barcodes you are invited to become a Cask Marque Ambassador.

(If for any reason there is no Cask Marque certificates showing in the pub please ask the bar staff where it is. All Cask Marque pubs will have been sent one.)

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Finding a Cask Marque quality approved pub couldn’t be easier – there are over 9,100 in the UK and rising all the time – click on the Cask Marque pub icon and CaskFinder shows you automatically on a map where your nearest pubs are. Once you have found a pub, you can click on its icon and find out what beers it serves, based on its Cask Marque quality inspection. If you are unfamiliar with the beers or just want to try something new, you can click on the beer logo and immediately view the Cyclops® Beer database information held for over 1,500 beers. The Cyclops® database contains standardised tasting information compiled by trained inspectors, including Head Brewers, so you’ll know they know what they are talking about! However, you can rate your favourite beers yourself so that you can keep a record of beers that you specially like.

If you like a particular brewer’s beers, you can find out more about the brewer and even see what other beers they produce – and find out which pubs you can drink them in. Or you could just browse through the database and choose any one of the beers at random!

Beers and brewers are constantly being added to Cyclops and the database is updated on an almost daily basis. Similarly, Cask Marque inspectors are active 51 weeks a year and their results are added to the database every week.

In addition to finding pubs and beers, CaskFinder includes a number of other useful features – a list of Beer Festivals complete with contact details, admission prices and maps to show you where to go – a Beer Blog from award winning writer Pete Brown that gives you an inside track on the beer industry – and Beer of the Week, a featured beer of interest from your region.

CaskFinder is not just another list of pubs – it is an indispensable tool for every beer lover!

• Easily see on the pub map those pubs which you have already scanned on the ale trail
• Rate pubs on beer quality, welcome and whether they offer try before you buy
• Add beers and pubs to your own favourites list
• Report any problems you have scanning certificates in pubs
• View beer festivals on a map

Please note that many pubs stock small quantities of beers and once they are sold out, change them for another. Cask Ale, by its nature does not have a long shelf life, and is best served fresh from the Brewer. Accordingly, some pubs may not have the same beers in stock today than when they were last visited by a Cask Marque assessor, so if you are travelling a long way to sample a particular beer, phone ahead to check before you set out to avoid a wasted trip – you can access the pub’s phone number from CaskFinder automatically from the pub details page.

What's New in Version 3.3

We heard you - even though the red pin for visited pubs does not return, we improved it together with one of you to a clearly visible green pin. We hope this is OK for everyone.
Also new: Get to the brewery details directly from the beer details page. This way you can also quickly find other beers by the same brewery.

Customer Reviews

  • New update

    So much better now it's gone back to being fully highlighted in one colour, it was much easier to find the pubs today while on ale trail

  • Great update

    Much better map with Blue and Green Icons. Well done Cask Marque keep up the great work.