What is the CaskFinder app?

The FREE CaskFinder app offers

– 10,000 accredited pubs
– 8,000 beers with tasting notes
– Pump scanner technology
– 800 brewers
– World’s biggest ale trail
– Read our beer blogs
– Find beer festivals near you

The World’s Biggest Ale Trail

Available to download on Android and  iPhone, the app shows all of the accredited pubs near you to try. Once in the pub, simply find their Cask Marque Certificate of Excellence (like the one pictured below) and, using the beer scanner feature, hover over and scan their unique QR code to log your visit on the World’s Biggest Ale Trail. This national leader board shows how many pub visits you have compared to others and is a great friendly barometer!


And the best thing? You get prizes for the more pubs you visit! (see below for details)


NEW FEATURE COMING SOON On top of this, you’ll soon be able to build your own Ale Trail to share with friends or even all of the other CaskFinder users, and you can explore 100’s of other Ale Trails to suit your taste!

What  prizes can I win?

For every pub scan milestone you reach on the Ale Trail, we’ll send you the following prizes:

  • 50 scans = Cask Marque fridge magnet/ bottle opener
  • 100 scans = Cask Marque t-shirt and 100 scan badge
  • 250 scans = Branded glass
  • 500 scans = Become a Cask Marque ambassador and attend a 1-day course where you can learn how to become a beer taster
  • 750 scans = A fleece
  • 1,000 scans = Special ale trail glasses x4, a 1000 scan badge and a personalised certificate
  • 2,000 scans = A CaskFinder hat, pen and pack of 6 drinks coasters

What else does CaskFinder do?

The CaskFinder app is also a great source of beery information – its pump clip recognition will allow you to scan the pump clip of ANY beer at the bar for instant information on the following:

  • Allergens
  • Calories
  • Brewer notes
  • Food matches
  • Tasting notes
  • Alcoholic units

We’ve put together a great video that explains all of the features here:

How do I get the CaskFinder app?

Did we mention that CaskFinder is FREE to download on Android and iPhone? Simply download it now and get Ale Trailing.


“I first started using the Cask Marque app in October 2014, visiting different pubs is great fun, by doing the ale trail I’ve stumbled upon little gems of places, Cask Marque pubs tend to be very well run, with decent beer.  Through the Cask Marque ale trail I’ve walked into pubs with 20+ choices of beer, others with just one really good ale, and every pub has its own unique feel.  I find the app most useful when in cities that I’m not familiar with, I use the app to find a decent pint, and alas I am now on 145 scans. As a 23 year old female with a slim figure, I probably don’t fit the ‘ale drinker’ stereotype, and as a student I used to drink a lot of cider, when I started drinking blonde ales I soon became an ale lover as I found the drink so refreshing, I also noticed my hangovers improve significantly.
The Cask Marque ale trail has become a great hobby for me and my other half, visiting new places with great beer, we love Cask Marque!”. Helen C.
Please note that many pubs stock small quantities of beers and once they are sold out, change them for another. Cask Ale, by its nature does not have a long shelf life, and is best served fresh from the Brewer. Accordingly, some pubs may not have the same beers in stock today than when they were last visited by a Cask Marque assessor, so if you are travelling a long way to sample a particular beer, phone ahead to check before you set out to avoid a wasted trip – you can access the pub’s phone number from CaskFinder automatically from the pub details page.

Customer Reviews

  • New update

    So much better now it's gone back to being fully highlighted in one colour, it was much easier to find the pubs today while on ale trail

  • Great update

    Much better map with Blue and Green Icons. Well done Cask Marque keep up the great work.