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What happens next? 

Thank you for renewing your membership of Cask Marque. The details you have filled in have been sent on to our renewals team and you should have received confirmation of your payment from Paypal.

In the next couple of working days we will email you an invoice for your records and also contact our assessor. They should be out to visit you in the coming few weeks. When there, they will assess all the cask ales you have on sale, up to a maximum of 6. Each one will be tested for temperature, appearance, aroma and taste. Each beer must score 16/20 or above. Any beer warmer than 15°C will automatically fail. The target temperature is 10-14°C.

Please note all samples must be supplied free of charge so please brief your staff in case you are unavailable.

Our assessors are there to help you improve as well as to carry out the assessments so feel free to bombard them with questions when they are there!

Equally if you have any questions at all before they come please call us here in the office on 01206 752212 or email [email protected] and we will be happy to help.

Thank you for your continued support and the best of luck with your visit!

Paul Nunny