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Ale Trail Leaderboard

Congratulations if you have made it onto the leaderboard below, which now shows everyone who has scanned 50 or more certificates! View all those who have reached 100 scans and are official Cask Marque Ambassadors.

Last updated 21st October 2014. If this leaderboard is not GREEN & WHITE, try pressing CTRL + F5 to clear your browser cache.


28/4/14 A new record as Alison & John Graham reach their 2000th scan, completed at Spouter's Corner in Wood Green. Great stuff!


6/1/13 What a way to start the new year, reaching your 1000th scan. Well done Alan Ash!

5/11/13 Congratulations to Andy Bateson on being the latest recruit to the millennium club!

2/9/13 Well done to our new leaders Alison and John Graham. JP, do you have it in you to fight back???

1/7/13 We now have 4 people who have reached 1000 scans, unbelievable! Congratulations to them and to all you budding ale trailers out there!

8/4/13 Well done to JP Russek on reaching 1000 scans last week, an amazing achievement. But watch out, there are plenty of people snapping at your heels!

JP Russek 1000 scans


After nearly a year as the top ale trail scanner it is with mixed feelings that I announce we have a new leader. Congratulations to Jean-Paul Russek who has now replaced Carl Griffin as the highest scoring scanner. I await a photo JP!