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Licensee Comments

Will Cask Marque really benefit my business? We think it will benefit your business for these reasons. exterior witness box
Below are just a few comments from licensees about how it has helped their businesses.

“The Cask Marque award helped us to communicate the quality of our cask ale to consumers who had not stepped through the door for a number of years. They now regularly drink – and eat – at the Halfway House so it has improved our overall sales” (Adam Cohen, Halfway House)

“I wanted to be recognised for serving good quality cask ales. If you have a good reputation for ale, people will seek you out. Cask Marque has helped advertise us nationally, and in turn build our cask ale sales” (Dawn Edwards, The Wrens Hotel)

“Customers want to know information about the beer, where it has come from, and we offer samples – Try Before You Buy – to encourage sales. Cask Marque supply us with free POS throughout the year, including sample glasses. I look out for the Cask Marque plaque when I go into other pubs now. It makes you feel safe, knowing the beer will be good”. (Ruth Edwards, The Chemic Tavern)

“It’s a great way of getting more people into your pub” (Kathryn Longden, Bar Work)

“When customers see my accreditation they ask what it means – I explain that my cask ales have been independently tested for clarity, temperature, aroma and taste – and I have been awarded a certificate of excellence. The Cask Marque accreditation is a great way of communicating the quality of
our beer” (
Nigel Ball, The Rosebud)

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