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Why we also drink lager...

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With a name like “Cask” Marque, you would expect that we only deal with cask ale, but over the years we have often audited the quality of lager as well.

With a name like “Cask” Marque, you would expect that we only deal with cask ale, but over the years we have often audited the quality of lager as well.

Improving the quality of cask ale has always been our primary objective and nothing there has changed, but auditing lager provides us with several benefits.

Firstly, cask ale is the most difficult beer to handle due to the secondary fermentation in the cellar and any increased knowledge and respect for the products we can instil in bar staff through lager training will benefit all beers. For example, clean glassware, correct serving temperature and the perfect pour are all things which are equally applicable to cask ale as they would be to lager.

Secondly, we are a not for profit organisation which means that any surpluses made are reinvested in the company rather than withdrawn by Directors or owners. Through auditing lager, cider, stout or other non cask related products we can generate small amounts of profit which we are then able to put back into promoting Cask Marque Accredited outlets and the cask ale sector.

Thirdly, working with the lager brewers who are also normally the larger brewer can illustrate the skills and expertise of our 45 qualified assessors and this potentially enables us to participate in other quality inspections such as cellar and bar staff training. This has led to both Molson Coors and Heineken UK joining Cask Marque as corporate members.

There are two particular projects we are currently involved with covering auditing lager quality. Molson Coors are running a programme called ‘Pint Right’ which is all about providing ‘cellar to glass’ training to bar staff to ensure they are able to serve the perfect pint of Carling. Cask Marque have been commissioned as the final part of the training programme to independently measure the success rate by checking a pint of Carling served by a random member of staff in over 1,000 pubs.

Stella Artois are running a training programme as part of their World Draught Master’s event. One of the key aims of the course is to give staff the confidence to promote beer, get people back in pubs and spending more money by improving the overall pub experience. Outlets participating in the training will each be assessed by Cask Marque inspectors and the best will move forward to the UK National Draught Master on 13 October. The national winner will represent the country at the World Draught Master event which will be held in London on 28 October. http://bit.ly/cvPCGu

So although we continue to promote cask ale and Cask Marque pubs at every opportunity, auditing lager is a useful part of our business which enables us to guarantee that you the customer get a great pint of cask ale, every time. http://bit.ly/dbS17K


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