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Robinsons Join Cask Marque

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Over the last 12 months Robinsons Brewery have invested heavily in a beer quality programme within their 385-pub Tied Estate and part of this commitment is to become a corporate member of Cask Marque.

The technical services support team has now increased to 6 with the appointment of Paul Crolla as Beer Quality Manager. All tenants in future will be part of Robinsons join Cask Marquean unannounced twice yearly cellar audit programme and from these assessments they will be allocated a gold, silver or bronze rating. The objective is to raise knowledge and practice of all tenants ultimately to gold standard. The beer quality programme will be monitored by Cask Marque to ensure compliance to best practice.

To support tenants to achieve the gold standard Robinsons are spending over £1 million developing an in-house “centre of excellence” which delivers BII Award in Beer and Cellar Quality (ABCQ). The brewery are also investing heavily in new dispense equipment and cooling from cellar to bar on cask beers.

The return for the tenants will be improved beer quality and consequently beer sales with reduced wastage. All gold level tenants will be 100% funded into Cask Marque so they enjoy the benefits of membership ie increased consumer awareness. Those achieving silver will get 50% funding

Oliver Robinson, Director of Robinsons enthused about the programme “we all recognise that one of the few things that is going to make a pub stand out in 10 years is the range and quality of beers- cask and otherwise. Therefore this series of investments in beer quality is complimentary to our long-term vision of sustainable growth for the brewery. The reality is that we feel like we have the “quality” aspiration underway but Cask Marque offer our pubs so much more in marketing support and we feel the consumer understanding of this is only going to grow so why reinvent the wheel.”

Frederic-RobinsonsPaul Nunny was very pleased to have Robinsons as a corporate member and is also to work with them to maximise the benefits of their investment programme. “Consumers who are under pressure on their leisure spend are demanding better retailing standards from licensees, particularly in the quality of their pint. The programme put forward by Robinsons will ensure that the licensees meet this challenge.”