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Find Great Cask Ale Pubs ANYWHERE with CaskFinder!!

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There are a number of benefits for licensees and pubs in being members of Cask Marque. Amongst many others these include:

  • 1-2-1 training and advice when you get your (minimum of) twice yearly visits where you can ask any questions and advice from our experienced assessors. They have an incredible wealth of experience in all stages of getting cask beer from cellar to glass
  • Reassuring your existing customers that the beer you are selling is first rate. You may know your beer is great but it never hurts to remind your customers that your beer is so good you have one an independent nationally recognised award
  • Free point of sale throughout the year to make as much noise about your award as possible

But most importantly of all is the way it can drive new customers into your pub. One of our assessors sent me the following piece of feedback yesterday which I thought was a great endorsement of our smart phone (available for iPhones and Android phones) app 'CaskFinder' to find Cask Marque accredited pubs. Find great cask ale pubs

“I was doing a new accreditation yesterday in a pub in Berkhampstead.  The licensee said he hadn't bothered about getting CM accreditation before as he thought there was little advantage. However, he said he changed his mind and went for Cask Marque accreditation because people had told him that many now only visit CM pubs because they know they will get a decent ale.

He said that he particularly wanted to be accredited as he had heard that many cask ale drinkers go on pub crawls using our sat nav/App Store to decide which pubs to visit. Licensee passed the inspections with flying colours and as the pub is a bit off the main drag he is hoping to increase trade.”

I know it sounds a bit like corporate propaganda but I promise this message has not been tampered with in any way and was a genuine comment. I also ought to do my bit for political correctness and say that hopefully those people using a sat-nav for a pub crawl are not driving themselves!

On a similar vein, we were returning from a recent meeting and needed a mid-journey break. We were on a long boring stretch of the A14 with nothing much to see. Using the iphone app we located a random Cask Marque accredited pub 2 miles off the A14 and ended up in a beautiful country pub (The Old Friar in Twywell) with a great pint of cask ale and a delightful spot of lunch. Without the app I would not have visited this pub in a million years and it struck me how pleasant this was compared to a service station and an overpriced mass produced sandwich.

So if you haven’t already got the app download it from http://cask-marque.co.uk/mobile-phone-app.html?site_id=trade , go and try a new pub and let us know what you think! Email me any feedback at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.