The World's Biggest Ale Trail

Ale Trail Hall of Fame

If you are looking for the ale trail leaderboard, you will find it on the ‘Beer Drinkers home page’. Click the red beer drinkers logo at the very top of the screen and scroll to the bottom for the Top 10 or click for the full ale trail leaderboard

How does the World’s Biggest Ale Trail Work?

  1. Download the CaskFinder app
  2. Click on ‘ale trail’
  3. Register – you only have to do this once and your details will never be passed to any 3rd parties
  4. Scan QR codes on Cask Marque certificates in Cask Marque pubs to win prizes

If for any reason there is no Cask Marque certificate showing in the pub please ask the bar staff where it is. All Cask Marque pubs will have been sent a new one

What problems might I encounter?

Although few and far between we have experience some issues with the ale trail side of the app:

Despite all being sent one, not every Cask Marque pub is displaying their certificate in a prominent position. Ask the staff and they may be able to help, or failing that fill in the short ‘missing certificate’ form on the app and we can add the scan for you.

Older phones sometimes don’t have autofocus on the scanners and therefore can’t read the codes properly – this may result in an error message

Please let us know about any issues and we will do our best to resolve them

What prizes can I win?

Scan 25 barcodes and receive a Cask Marque fridge magnet bottle opener
Scan 50 barcodes and receive a Cask Marque t-shirt
Scan 100 barcodes and becomes a Cask Marque Ambassador. As well as appearing on our website and being invited to any regional events we may run, get a free place on our Beer Appreciation course:

This will be a morning course covering:

  • How to taste beer
  • How beer is brewed
  • How beer is looked after in the pub
  • Brewery tour
  • Matching beer & food and more
  • How can you help us do our job?

followed by an afternoon course:

Beer Tasting Session

To enable you to learn more about beer than you could in a whistle stop tour of a few pubs with an assessor, in the afternoon we will be explaining:

  • What it is we look for in a beer and what the common off-flavours are
  • What are the causes of these off-flavours
  • The assessment process we go through and some of the most common reasons for pubs to fail the test
  • Testing 10 different beer samples which have been doctored to replicate real issues experienced in pubs.
  • And giving you a free Cask Marque thermometer

Scan 300 barcodes and win 4 17oz breughel glasses (see picture)

Ale_Trail_Glass_With_HandScan 600 barcodes and win a Cask Marque Fleece.

Scan 1000 barcodes and receive a signed certificate. Yes, we know that isn’t the most exciting prospect, but we are a non profit making company and have so many people participating in this that if we gave away expensive prizes we would go bust! And also, most people are doing the ale trail because it is fun, not because they can win prizes.

Other Features

In addition to the World’s Biggest Ale Trail the app also allows you to:

  • Find Cask Marque pubs, either by searching or automatically find pubs near you with the GPS function
  • See what beers were on sale last time Cask Marque visited
  • See the Cyclops tasting notes of those beers
  • Scan bottled beers and view Cyclops descriptors
  • Find similar beers
  • Rate beers
  • View all beers brewed by Cyclops registered brewers
  • View forthcoming beer festivals
  • Read Pete Brown’s highly acclaimed beer blog

Please drink responsibly.

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