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  • Cask Ale Week 2014

    Cask Ale Week is back and it's better than ever, with more pubs, brewers and pub companies supporting it than ever before!

    A recent survey showed that 37% of cask ale drinkers and 78% of cask ale publicans are aware of Cask Ale Week.  65% of drinkers claim they visit the pub more often in Cask Ale Week.

    The things they love about Cask Ale Week are, 80% Beer Tastings, 65% Beer Festivals, 43% Ale Trails, 40% Food & Beer Matching sessions

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Monday 27th September saw the launch of the 2010/11 Cask Report written by Pete Brown. Cask Marque co-funds the report along with other key industry bodies and also co-ordinated the report.

Whilst at the Cask Report launch Cask Marque Director Paul Nunny was interviewed about our iPhone app and spoke about our latest development, a barcode scanner which would allow the user to scan barcodes on bottled beers and view the Cyclops tasting descriptors.

Wells & Young's have become the first brewery to invest in third party distribution and gained the Distributor Charter Award.

Watch this video which recently appeared on BBC Midlands focusing on beer and women.