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  • Cask Ale Week 2014

    Cask Ale Week is back and it's better than ever, with more pubs, brewers and pub companies supporting it than ever before!

    A recent survey showed that 37% of cask ale drinkers and 78% of cask ale publicans are aware of Cask Ale Week.  65% of drinkers claim they visit the pub more often in Cask Ale Week.

    The things they love about Cask Ale Week are, 80% Beer Tastings, 65% Beer Festivals, 43% Ale Trails, 40% Food & Beer Matching sessions

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peter_lakinIf you have a preconception that a Cask Marque Assessor is a middle aged man with a great big beer belly who spends all his day drinking loads of beer you would be wrong!

Ok you would be right on account of the age, but you would most definitely be wrong in the case of the beer belly. As you can see from the picture, Cask Marque Assessor Peter Lakin has a svelte physique and that is because he has just cycled all the way from John O'Groats to Land's End. That equated to just over 1,000 miles in total and was completed in 20 days. Peter and his cycling partner Paul raised over £1,500 for Cancer Research UK and Macmillan Cancer Support.
Peter was going to conduct some Cask Marque audits on the way, but I think common sense got the better of him and he realised that drinking beer, although fun and healthy in moderation, is not entirely conducive to extreme acts of physical exertion!

www.mirror.co.uk 24th August 2010)

 Since French boffins revealed how to pour the perfect glass of champagne, it turns out there are scientific formulas for everything from bacon sandwiches to boiled eggs. So try out a few of these...

(Sunday Mail 22nd August 2010)

"For a model of industry self-regulation, look no further than the real ale business.  Supping last week at the Windsor Castle in London's Notting Hill, one top tankard in the beer trade suspected the standard of his pint and called Paul Nunny, director of the quality assurance body Cask Marque.

Within 24 hours, a Cask Marque assessor had visited the pub, checked the delivery systems, tested the ales, and, regretfully, declared them all failed. Just as rapid was the response of the pub's owner, Mitchells & Butlers, which launched an inquiry to put things right. Cheers!"