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  • Ale Trail

    Become part of the World's Biggest Ale Trail using the free CaskFinder app. Every Cask Marque pub should be displaying a certificate with a QR code on it.

    Register using the app and then scan these codes. The more you scan, the more prizes you win!

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  • Free Caskfinder App

    Available free for iPhone and Android phones, CaskFinder has been downloaded by over 80,000 people and is used over 50,000 times each month to find Cask Marque pubs selling great quality real ale. 

    View tasting notes for over 1,400 cask ales, brewed by over 200 British breweries, as well as details of beer festivals around the country and more.

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  • The Independent Award for pubs serving great quality cask ale

    Since 1997 Cask Marque has been ensuring that the real ale you drink in pubs in the UK has been in perfect condition. Our 45 qualified assessors make over 18,000 visits to pubs in England, Scotland, Wales and even Europe to check the temperature, appearance, aroma and taste of Britain's favourite drink.

    Visit a Cask Marque accredited pub and you are guaranteed to receive a great pint of cask ale.

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  • Find Cask Marque Pubs

    Find real ale pubs with our easy to use pub finder. There are over 8,000 to choose from so why not see which pubs near you are serving great quality cask ale?

    You can see who owns pubs and find similar pubs from a chain, or even see what beers were on sale when we last visited. All pubs are regularly visited by our qualified assessors to ensure you are guaranteed a great pint, every time.

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  • NOP-Survey

    In a recent NOP Survey, 57% of cask ale drinkers recognised the Cask Marque plaque and 62% related the sign to beer quality.

    Interestingly, awareness is higher; 67% in the 21 to 44yr old category, which must in some part be due to the CaskFinder app, which is used over 60,000 times per month to find Cask Marque Pubs.

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  • Beer is the most profitable part of your business, but do you know that 34% of customers would not return if the quality of the pint served was poor?

    The Award in Beer and Cellar Quality is a Bii accredited training course and is designed to help you improve yields (by up to 7%), increase sales (3%) and decrease wastage.

    Cask Marque are the UK’s No 1 provider of Cellar Management Training with a team of experienced trainers passionate about getting beer quality right, first time.

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News, PR and Media

Cask Marque writes many articles on beer quality and how to make the most of the wonderful opportunity that cask ale offers to pubs. Download some of the articles below.


You will need adobe reader to view these files. If you do not have it download it here
10th anniversary logo






Congratulations on becoming Cask Marque accredited! Now you have your Cask Marque plaque and point of sale we would recommend using some of the ideas on this check list to get the maximum publicity from your award.

If you have used your award to promote your pub in other ways we would love to hear from you. If you send us a photo we may be able to use it on the website. Contact us on 01206 752212 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

  • Use Cask Marque logos in your marketing by adding to letterheads / menus / local advertising.
    pos sign
  • Plan your Cask Marque Award Celebration night. Contact your sponsoring brewery for support and invite regulars for a party.
  • Contact local newspapers – invite a local reporter and photographer to the Celebration Night. Use our template.
  • Contact local radio station – invite local reporter to the Celebration Night. Use our template.
  • Submit photograph of your pub to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . We display this on our website.
  • Display Certificate of Excellence in a prominent position in your bar.
  • Local advertising - ensure your Cask Marque accreditation is referred to in the advertisement and the logo included.
  • Advertise ‘Try Before You Buy’ on your beer blackboards.
  • Ensure you have adequate supplies of Cask Marque dripmats and other point of sale items. These can be ordered free of charge by calling 01206 752212.
  • Tie in the award with themed evenings you run in your pub, eg, a cask ale quiz, steak or curry evening tied in with a special ale.
  • Contact the local CAMRA (Campaign For Real Ale) branch to notify them of the award - this will then become an agenda item at the next local meeting and increase custom. Look at www.camra.org.uk for local and national information.
  • Regional CAMRA branches need to hold their meetings somewhere every month - offer your Cask Marque accredited pub as a venue.
  • Check that your pub appears in the way you would like it on our sat nav, text messaging service and IPhone application for maximum exposure.

Contacting the local press is one of the easiest ways to get some free advertising for your pub and to make it even easier we have provided a couple of press templates where the work is virtually done for you. All you have to do is:


1. Click on the links below and save onto your computer


2. Substitute your name and address, etc where highlighted and save it

3. Find email address for local newspapers and radio stations

4. Write a covering email inviting them to an awards ceremony and to bring a photographer with them

Even if a newspaper is not able to attend in person there is a good chance that they will run your story in the local press. Newspapers love a success story where they don't have to write most of the text!

Download press template to send to newspapers

Download press template to send re photographers

Robinsons Join Cask Marque robinsons_join_cm

Over the last 12 months Robinsons Brewery have invested heavily in a beer quality programme within their 385-pub Tied Estate and part of this commitment is to become a corporate member of Cask Marque.

The technical services support team has now increased to 6 with the appointment of Paul Crolla as Beer Quality Manager.  All tenants in future will be part of an unannounced twice yearly cellar audit programme and from these assessments they will be allocated a gold, silver or bronze rating.  The objective is to raise knowledge and practice of all tenants ultimately to gold standard.  The beer quality programme will be monitored by Cask Marque to ensure compliance to best practice.

To support tenants to achieve the gold standard Robinsons are spending over £1 million developing an in-house “centre of excellence” which delivers BII Award in Beer and Cellar Quality (ABCQ).  The brewery are also investing heavily in new dispense equipment and cooling from cellar to bar on cask beers.

The return for the tenants will be improved beer quality and consequently beer sales with reduced wastage. All gold level tenants will be 100% funded into Cask Marque so they enjoy the benefits of membership ie increased consumer awareness.  Those achieving silver will get 50% funding

Oliver Robinson, Director of Robinsons enthused about the programme “we all recognise that one of the few things that is going to make a pub stand out in 10 years is the range and quality of beers- cask and otherwise.  Therefore this series of investments in beer quality is complimentary to our long-term vision of sustainable growth for the brewery.  The reality is that we feel like we have the “quality” aspiration underway but Cask Marque offer our pubs so much more in marketing support and we feel the consumer understanding of this is only going to grow so why reinvent the wheel.”

Paul Nunny was very pleased to have Robinsons as a corporate member and is also to work with them to maximise the benefits of their investment programme.  “Consumers who are under pressure on their leisure spend are demanding better retailing standards from licensees, particularly in the quality of their pint.  The programme put forward by Robinsons will ensure that the licensees meet this challenge.”

Cask Marque’s Annabel Smith is the UK’s only female beer inspector. 

She’s keen to dispel many of the myths that surround cask beer, such as it being fattening, and just a drinkfor men and help men and women pick, pour and enjoy a mouth watering pint.

Watch the following video where Annabel explains the difference in taste and range of beers on offer.

Alongside her is Kevin Steppe, menu development chef from pub restaurant group Chef & Brewer to tell you how to match the perfect pint with the perfect dish.

Download our March 2011 newsletter here

This edition covers:

  • Accreditations
  • Cellar management training
  • New training courses 
  • Summer beer temperatures
  • New corporate members
  • Cyclops
  • iPhone phase 2

Proud of British Beer

Take a look at this 'Proud of British Beer' video from SIBA asking why the government would want to damage an industry that offers so much to the country and local communities.

Beautiful Beer comes under the Cask Marque banner

With Beautiful Beer now coming under the Cask Marque umbrella Cask Marque has today launched a new certification scheme under Beautiful Beer branding that covers training and best practice in relation to serving and looking after beer in the on trade. This will further extend the role of Cask Marque beyond the cask to the whole beer experience. Originally the Beautiful Beer brand was developed by the British Beer and Pub Association (BBPA).

beautiful-beerThe scheme will be recognised in the trade as a mark of quality for good training programmes and ensure that the teachings are compliant with the very highest standards demanded by the industry. Once a scheme has been certified by Cask Marque the supplier and retailer can use the Beautiful Beer logo on certificates and marketing material.

Already two such programmes from Heineken UK and Carlsberg have been awarded with the Seal of Approval.

The Heineken Glass Act takes the form of five different training programmes covering understanding quality pint, pouring techniques, glassware, line cleaning and the option of a one day training course for the BII award in cellar management (ABCQ). Trainees will be audited by Cask Marque to ensure that the courses delivered to them give them the expertise they need to deliver the highest quality beer to the customer.

The Carlsberg Gold Award in Cellar Management covers best practice from the cellar to the glass. It is delivered in licensees premises with the aim of each participant reaching Carlsberg’s Gold Standard. The pubs are visited by Cask Marque every six months to ensure standards are maintained and independently checked. To find out more about the programme visit the Carlsberg website and the ‘We Deliver More’ programme.

Paul Nunny of Cask Marque says “This will give a clear message to the trade that these programmes deliver ’what it says on the tin’. It will also ensure that resources and funding used to improve beer quality deliver the maximum benefits.“

glass-actLawson Mount Stevens – Managing Director - On Trade, Heineken UK said “We are delighted that the Heineken Glass Act training programme has been independently accredited. The quality of the beer we serve is fundamental to the success of the industry and we need to encourage everybody involved in the on trade dispense to unite behind schemes that champion the importance of both glassware management and staff training on beer dispense.”

carlsberg_lgPageDavid Scott, Consumer Marketing Director of Carlsberg UK said “The Carlsberg Gold Awards are all about product quality, cellar hygiene, dispense techniques, glassware and equipment cleanliness. These are all areas that help get our products to the customer at the highest quality. We want these awards to be seen as a stamp of quality for all beer in our customers outlets – we want to enable licensees that put the effort in to serve the perfect pint to shout about the quality of their establishment. We are pleased to be associated with Cask Marque under the Beautiful Beer scheme as it gives further credibility to our award and we have learnt much from the certification process.”

Brigid Simmons, BBPA Chief Executive said “It is vital that beer delivers a consistent, high quality experience to the customer so we are delighted to be working alongside Cask Marque in taking this initiative forward under the Beautiful Beer banner.” This new certification scheme is purely aimed at the trade and covers training and best practice in relation to beer in the on trade. Over the next six months Cask Marque will be working to produce a consumer scheme for Beautiful Beer to replace that currently in existence which will reward pubs that create ‘theatre’ around beer.

For further information please contact:

Paul Nunny – Cask Marque,  Mobile: 07768 614065

e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  
Andy Tighe, BBPA 0207 627 9135

Note to editors: Cask Marque set up its accreditation scheme in 1997 which covered cask ale quality in the glass and to date 6,845 licenses hold the award, a growth of 15% during the year. Perhaps more importantly 46% of cask ale drinkers now recognize the plaque.

Cask Marque already delivers mystery drinker programmes for Molson Coors Pint Right scheme and the Stella World Draught Masters competition and we will be talking to Pilsner Urquell about their Bartenders Programme.

The BBPA launched ‘Beautiful Beer’ five years ago, to improve quality and to promote beer. Over this time they have invested in an accreditation scheme, the Beer Academy, beer events and more.


Cask Ale Week moves to Autumn

National Cask Ale Week celebrations are being moved back to October from next year. The annual event usually takes place in the spring but organisers want it to coincide with the publication of the Cask Report, which reveals trends in the real ale market.

Cask Marque’s Paul Nunny, the event organiser, said: “The Cask Report always generates coverage so it makes sense to coincide the two.” He added that further details about the week and support for licensees will be announced early next year.

Nunny said that this year organisers were also working on introducing an “underlying theme” for licensees to tap into. 

Heineken UK teams up with Cask Marque

Heineken UK has underlined its commitment to promoting and maintaining beer quality in the on trade with the announcement that the company has become a corporate member of Cask Marque, the leading cask ale accreditation scheme.heineken brand small

Heineken UK is best known for its market-leading range of lager, cider and smooth ale brands but, behind the scenes, the company is  one of the biggest and most active players  in the cask ale market, supporting the sales, distribution and dispense of over 375,000 barrels of cask ale per year.

Cask Marque will play an integral role in the Heineken UK beer quality programme launched earlier this year while encouraging affiliated Heineken UK companies, S&N Pub Company and Caledonian Brewery to champion Cask Marque accreditation within their own customer networks.

Paul Nunny, Chief executive of Cask Marque said: “We are delighted to welcome Heineken UK as members. Securing the commitment and focus of the UK’s leading brewer on beer quality is an important industry milestone and we look forward to working with them.”

Lawson Mountstevens, Managing Director- On Trade, Heineken UK said:  “We look forward to supporting and enhancing the excellent work that Cask Marque does to promote the trade and consumer benefits that accrue from keeping and serving top quality cask ale. In addition, we would urge all brewers to join in an industry approach dedicated to improving the quality of all draught beer and maximising its unique on trade benefits in 2011.”



The Heineken UK cask barrelage total includes;

1) Heineken UK-owned cask brands

2) Third-party cask ales marketed and distributed through HUK's Cellarman's Reserve scheme which offers licensees a monthly choice of 12 outstanding cask ales sourced from local, regional  and national brewers across the UK

3)  Other brewer’s cask brands distributed nationally through Heineken UK distribution and warehousing agreements


For further information please contact:

David Jones, Press & PR Manager, Heineken UK on 01784 468672 / 07831 141094


Paul Nunny, Cask Marque on 07768 614065





Cask Marque have been on tour recently all around the country, visiting roadshows put on by companies including Punch Taverns, Enterprise Inns and Carlsberg UK. Annabel Smith and Roger Clayson have attended 13 events and spoken to thousands of licensees and signed up over 200 pubs which are interested in trying to gain the Award.

Annabel Smith is the Cask Marque Training Manager and is responsible for improving beer quality through running over 200 one-day cellar management training courses every year. She is pictured here with the Tetley Huntsman!

Cask Beer & Women

Watch this video which recently appeared on BBC Midlands focusing on beer and women. The video was researched, produced and presented by http://www.funf-media.co.uk/beerbeauty/



Wells & Young's gain Distributor Charter


Wells & Young's have become the first brewery to invest in third party distribution and gained the Distributor Charter Award. Wells & Young's Bombardier is distributed through Kuehne + Nagel Drinks Logistics and each of their 10 depots has been audited by beer quality experts Cask Marque. Professional handling of Cask Ale in the supply chain is so important to beer quality particularly in the summer when we can experience high ambient temperatures. Remember Cask Beer is a living product with live yeast that reacts unfavourable in extreme temperatures. Read the press release here.

Barcode Scanner for iPhone app

Whilst at the Cask Report launch Cask Marque Director Paul Nunny was interviewed about our iPhone app and spoke about our latest development, a barcode scanner which would allow the user to scan barcodes on bottled beers and view the Cyclops tasting descriptors. Watch the video courtesy of http://www.funf-media.co.uk/beerbeauty/


Cask Report Launch

 Monday 27th September saw the launch of the 2010/11 Cask Report written by Pete Brown. Cask Marque co-funds the report along with other key industry bodies and also co-ordinated the report. It is a review of cask ale's performance over the last year and how it is looking for the future. Download the report and view previous reports from www.caskreport.com and read the author's views on the report at http://petebrown.blogspot.com/ 

View a short interview with Pete Brown courtesy of Beer Beauty http://www.funf-media.co.uk/beerbeauty/

Cask Marque newsletter

















The perfect way to do everything

www.mirror.co.uk 24th August 2010)


Since French boffins revealed how to pour the perfect glass of champagne, it turns out there are scientific formulas for everything from bacon sandwiches to boiled eggs. So try out a few of these...

The Perfect: Pint of beer

According to the experts, assessing a pint of real ale is just as complex as wine tasting. Testers at Cask Marque look at a number of factors.  

The pint should appear polished, not cloudy. It should be served between 11 and 13 degrees, with no vinegary or yeasty aromas, which indicate old beers. Other studies found that the female palate is better at identifying chemicals that make a pint taste stale. And the best news? Unlike wine tasting, swallowing is a must, as you need all your taste buds to unravel an ale’s complex flavour!

Ale & Hearty Condemnation (Sunday Mail 22nd August 2010)

"For a model of industry self-regulation, look no further than the real ale business.  Supping last week at the Windsor Castle in London's Notting Hill, one top tankard in the beer trade suspected the standard of his pint and called Paul Nunny, director of the quality assurance body Cask Marque.

Within 24 hours, a Cask Marque assessor had visited the pub, checked the delivery systems, tested the ales, and, regretfully, declared them all failed. Just as rapid was the response of the pub's owner, Mitchells & Butlers, which launched an inquiry to put things right. Cheers!"