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  • Cask Ale Week 2014

    Cask Ale Week is back and it's better than ever, with more pubs, brewers and pub companies supporting it than ever before!

    A recent survey showed that 37% of cask ale drinkers and 78% of cask ale publicans are aware of Cask Ale Week.  65% of drinkers claim they visit the pub more often in Cask Ale Week.

    The things they love about Cask Ale Week are, 80% Beer Tastings, 65% Beer Festivals, 43% Ale Trails, 40% Food & Beer Matching sessions

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Training Courses

Since the inception of the Bii Award in Beer & Cellar Quality (ABCQ) Cask Marque have trained over  8,000 people. We have run courses for, in no particular order, M&B, JDW, Black Sheep, Whitbread, Town and City, Tattershall Castle Group, Orchid, Matthew Clark, Antic Pub Group, Punch Pub Co, Peach Pub Co, Hook Norton, Palmers, Liberation Group, Brakspear Pub Co, Brains, Belhaven. 

Of all the people we have trained 97.8% have passed the exam at the end of the day. There is no industry average available but we doubt it is as high as this!

Below are comments from just a few of our customers.

Licensee Feedback

“Trainers Knowledge on the topic was outstanding”  Michael Pombo, Dartmouth Castle, Hammersmith

“I found this course very useful”  Nathan Walpole, Prince of Wales

“Useful tips passed down from more experienced people”  Bobby Van Tonder, Yates’, Woking

“I found the Trainer Excellent and kept my attention throughout and it was all explained brilliantly”  Annmarie McGlynn, Psalter, Sheffield

“Educational without being boring & Patronising”  Stuart Cunningham, Yates Newcastle

“It was a well structured course, received lots of information which will help me improve my work performance”  Simone Rapisarda, Horse and Groom

“Thoroughly enjoyable day with a lot of good knowledge and practical well presented by trainer”  Mark Yule, Old Farmhouse

  “Superb - a great day”  Graham Middleton, High Wycombe


Corporate Feedback

"Cask Marque has a nationwide network of experienced trainers who have worked in the brewing industry for many years. This experience allows us to provide comprehensive training programmes which cover off all aspects of cellar management in a clear, simple and effective manner."

Darran Britton, Marketing Director, Carlsberg UK


"With their background in cask ale quality, Cask Marque are the perfect training provider to assist retailers, whether new or experienced, in improving the standards of beer dispensed over the bar."

Grant Simpson, Head of Drinks Category, Enterprise Inns PLC


 "Cask Marque has exceptionally high standards and a first class track record in providing quality training for the industry"

Steve Magnall, Operations Director, Greene King



What is the course?

  • The Award in Beer & Cellar Quality
  • A one day course delivered by a team of experienced Cask Marque trainers
  • Practical assessments throughout the day followed by a multiple choice test
  • Content devised by industry experts
  • Designed to ensure all beer is consistently served in perfect condition.

Why would I want to take the course?

  • To help increase sales of beer
  • To decrease beer wastage
  • To improve your beer handling skills

Who is it for?

  • Experienced and novice licensees
  • All staff involved in beer handling
  • As part of an induction programme for new staff

I’ve been in the industry for years. Why would I need a cellar management course?

  • Dispense equipment has changed a lot in the last few years. This course brings you the most up to date knowledge and information to help you improve your skills and increase your profitability.

I don’t stock cask ale – is this course suitable for me?

  • Yes – the course is about total beer quality, both cask and keg beers

What do I get?

  • On passing the test delegates receive the Certificate in Award in Beer and Cellar Quality
  • A full colour training and reference manual

What is the pass rate for the test?

  • Delegates require a minimum of 23 correct answers out of 30 questions

Is the test marked by the trainer?

  • No. The papers are marked independently by the BIIAB

Where do you train?

  • Black Sheep Brewery, Masham, North Yorks
  • Caledonian Brewing Company, Edinburgh
  • Scottish and Newcastle, Tadcaster, Yorks
  • Hydes Brewery, Manchester
  • Wells and Youngs, Bedford
  • Fullers Brewery, Chiswick, London
  • Greene King, Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk
  • SA Brains, Cardiff
  • Wadworth & Co, Devizes, Wiltshire
  • Ringwood Brewery, Ringwood, Hants

I don’t live near one of the venues

  • The beauty of Cask Marque training is that we can come to you – see details of our 'Rent a Trainer' scheme below, or book a venue near to your pub

How do I book on a course?

What does it cost?

  • Full day course per delegate: £80 + Cost of exam (£16.50) = £96.50 + VAT
  • Rent a trainer - Full day course: £575 + Cost of Manuals (£10 per person) + Cost of Exam (£16.50 per person) + VAT. If you want us to invite, chase up and send out certificates to the delegates there is a £50 charge. There is a £50 supplement per course for non Cask Marque corporate members.

Each place on an ABCQ training course costs £96.50 + VAT. This includes a £16.50 exam fee which goes directly to the Bii. For more details about the course read the frequently asked questions page.


annabel_one_to_oneIf you are looking for one-to-one cellar management training in the comfort of your own pub then this is the solution for you.

For just £85 + VAT (£95 + VAT for non Cask Marque members) one of our qualified assessors/trainers will make an appointment with you to visit at a mutually convenient time and date in your pub to train up to three people. They will go through a one hour training session on how to look after cask ale from cellar to glass and will also conduct a short cellar audit, covering 10 key points in the cellar such as cooling equipment, stock rotation, cellar cooling, glasswashing. Feedback will be provided as you go and a copy of the industry 'Profit through Quality' cellar manual will be left behind. A Cask Marque training certificate will also be sent out once you have completed the course.

The training covers:

  •  Difference between cask and keg beer
  •  Terminology (keystones, shives, hop filters, soft and hard spiles, rods, container sizes)
  •  Importance of hygiene and temperature
  •  What to do on delivery
  •  How and when to vent the cask
  •  How long the beer will take to condition
  •  How to tap/rod the beer
  •  Preliminary checks before beer goes on sale
  •  Stock levels and range
  •  How to improve yields
  •  Handy trouble shooting
  •  Pouring the beer to minimise wastage
  • Cooling equipment and how it works

Up to three people can attend for this price (we would suggest it is worth getting 2 or 3 of you together at the same time). For any extra people after this we charge £5 per person (this is because the more people there are, the more questions there are and the longer it takes). It is a great opportunity to ask any questions you may have about cask ale or the equipment you are using to ensure your beer is delivered in perfect condition at the correct temperature.

£85 + VAT (Cask Marque accredited pubs)
£95 + VAT (Non Cask Marque pubs)

For more information email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call the office on 01206 752212.