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  • Cask Ale Week 2014

    Cask Ale Week is back and it's better than ever, with more pubs, brewers and pub companies supporting it than ever before!

    A recent survey showed that 37% of cask ale drinkers and 78% of cask ale publicans are aware of Cask Ale Week.  65% of drinkers claim they visit the pub more often in Cask Ale Week.

    The things they love about Cask Ale Week are, 80% Beer Tastings, 65% Beer Festivals, 43% Ale Trails, 40% Food & Beer Matching sessions

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Cask Marque Award

The Cask Marque scheme is operated by an independent body called Cask Marque Trust which is a limited company, limited by guarantee, and a non profit making organisation.

There are currently seven Non-Executive Directors made up from corporate members, both brewers and pub groups and one Executive Director. All voluntarily give up their time to support Cask Marque and the cask ale industry.

discoveryDownload our information pack which tells you all you need to know about how to join Cask Marque.

Cask Marque at a glance is a summary of who we are, what we do and how we operate.

Cask Marque is supported by many companies in the industry who are interested in improving beer quality in pubs. A list of our corporate members can be seen here.

Find out how Cask Marque can benefit your business.

Read some case studies on how pubs have used Cask Marque to increase sales of cask beer in their pubs.

View the point of sale materials which pubs receive when they join Cask Marque.

Apply for or renew your membership online. We understand that phoning during the day is not always convenient so why not renew or apply for membership online, any time of the day?



sat-nav-with-plaqueYou can now download all Cask Marque Accredited pubs to your sat nav system FREE OF CHARGE, so you can enjoy the perfect pint wherever you are in the country. Because there are so many sat nav systems we have provided the necessary files, but you will need to check your manufacturer's guidelines on how to install the files to make them appear as 'Points of Interest'.

**Last updated 16th May 2014**

How to install for Tom Tom: Or read here the official Tom Tom guide.

For some modern Tom Toms you may need to read this guide to adding/removing 3rd party POI files

  1. Save the Zip file below onto your computer by left clicking the following File : caskmarque.ov2 and caskmarque.bmp - Download File
  2. Double click the zip file and save the contained files to your computer
  3. Connect your sat nav to your computer, open up My Computer, then open up the TomTom directory
  4. Open the Great Britain Map folder* and copy and paste the 2 files from your computer into this folder
  5. You are now ready to use the Points of Interest files

 *Note that different models of Tom Toms will have different names for the Great Britain Map folder, but they should be similar.

How to install on a Garmin Sat Nav

Read instructions on how to install on a Garmin Sat Nav.

How to install on a Navman Sat Nav

Read instructions on how to install on a Navman Sat Nav. Thanks to Ian Cosford for these instructions.

How to install on other sat nav systems

Please consult the manufacturer’s website or read your manual for instructions on how to install these files to your sat nav. Depending on which model you have, you will need to download either the following CSV data file or the OV2 data file. You will also need the BMP file to bring up the Cask Marque logo on your sat nav:

Download Either:

Should you come across any incorrect co-ordinates please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and the files will be updated. Or let me know if you know which files different types of sat navs use which are not listed below.

Tom Tom - OV2 file, Garmin - CSV file, Navman - CSV file.

Cask Marque encourages responsible drinking. For more information visit drink_aware